Custom Homes

Our build services look after everything—from start to finish. Moss Custom Homes is committed to excellence in all aspects of craft, customer service, and management. We accomplish this through diligence, systems and communication with all team members including client, architects, designers, and trade contractors.

We go beyond just the construction of your project: we offer a comprehensive service that brings everyone on board. Our services take a project from the first idea to move in and beyond. Bringing everyone together allows us to mesh every aspect of our project, from early budgeting to new home, in a well-managed, all-inclusive way.

If you already have an architect or designer we will work with their team offering budgeting and design feasibility feedback as wanted.

Building in either a Fixed Rate or Construction Management capacity allows our clients the choice as to their level of involvement in the day-to-day aspects of the project.


Arizona has an extensive number of aging homes built in areas which so many of us want to live and play. Most of these homes are in need of major systems upgrades and or updates to make the home fit with the current owners lifestyle and tastes. We have specialized in understanding the best practices for improving existing structures while keeping what parts we can to prevent unneeded expenses. Transforming these spaces so homeowners can stay where they are but in their own way is an immensely rewarding thing to do and we have an extensive track record of doing this for a great group of satisfied clients.

Design Services can be included in any remodel project, lending hands-on expertise and input from our  team with the expertise of one of the select local design firms.


Rather than leaving the property you love, expand your home with an addition. Our addition projects take the same process as our remodel projects, utilizing the expertise of our team to not only assist design and build a new space, but plan how the new space will flow with your existing space. With the design team we consider how these additions will be used, what they are needed for, and how can the old space can be reimagined to fit with a new one.

Moss Custom Homes