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Moss Custom Homes is dedicated to providing our clients with an enjoyable experience from start to finish. Our foundation, our values, are poured into the integrity of our finished build. We are committed to excellence in all aspects of our craft, customer service and management. We focus on superior design and building methods, cost efficiency, deliverable timelines and quality materials. We are able to accomplish this through diligence, systems and communication with all team members; including client, architects, designers and trade contractors. When you hire Moss Custom Homes, we are your team.

Good design elevates the experience of life. We go beyond just the construction of your project to ensure that your new home compliments your lifestyle with comprehensive service that brings everyone on board. We work hard to bring your vision to life from first idea to move-in and beyond. If you do not have a design team already we can help put together an all-star group to take it from first to final steps in a fun, well managed, all-inclusive way. If you already have an architect or designer we are ready to work with your team. We will provide the builders perspective as requested through the design phase and work with the design team throughout the build for keeping the project true to the the original vision.

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Home Remodeling Services

Arizona has an extensive number of aging homes in areas where so many of us want to live and play. We realize that this breeds competition in this industry and we know that you have choices when it comes to finding the right contractor. At Moss Custom Homes, we like answering questions, obsessing over the details and small talk. These are the things, we know, make your remodel an enjoyable experience. Most of these older homes are in need of major systems upgrades and or updates to make the home fit with your lifestyle and tastes. Providing comprehensive design and build services with a focus on premium craftsmanship, communication and customer experience are what set us apart from the competition.

We specialize in understanding the best practices for improving existing structures while keeping what parts we can to prevent unneeded expenses. Transforming these spaces so you can stay where you are but in your own way is an immensely reward practice and we have an extensive track record of out performing our competition.

We work on a wide array of design styles including transitional, new traditional, contemporary and modern. Design Services can be included in any remodel project, lending hands-on expertise and input from our team with the expertise of one of the select local design firms.

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Some homes would be perfect as they are if they just had more space. The process of integrating new spaces and tying into an existing structure is unique from a new build or remodel. It takes a lot of thought and diligence to get it right. An addition should not compromise the feel of a home in exchange for more space rather it should enhance the existing spaces and improve the occupants quality of life. We understand this process and will work to make the investment all it can be by having the right people involved.

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